Training Tutorials
The menu on the left provides for two approaches to learning how to use MailShifter.
  • The "10 Min Quick Start Tutorial" is a great overview on the basics of MailShifter and should get you up and running very quickly.
  • The lower menu examines the details of each of MailShifter's functions and options. 

This online tutorial works in parallel with the static "graphics and text" help file which installs as part of the MailShifter download.



Some of the "video tutorials" are not videos, but contain the same static text/graphics content found in the MailShifter help file.

This is because the content is either:

  • A sub-item which is covered in the "overview" video above it.
  • Too complex to explain in a short video and would only end up confusing you.
  • Is so simple the video would last only a few seconds.

Links with a blue dot   are video files. All other links are text pages with graphics.