Purchase/Manage Licenses

Purchasing Tutorial

Here is how you purchase a copy of MailShifter. The process is actually quite easy and will only take a minute.

  1. Generate the License Key file on your computer.
  2. Create an account/login at MailShifter.com
  3. Upload the License Key file from your computer to the website.
  4. Do an update of MailShifter from the MailShifter Help menu.

Here are the step by step instructions.

1) Download and install the trial version of MailShifter.
  • Ensure the program operates properly on your computer.

2) Generate the License Key file and save it on your computer.
  • This is done by using MailShifter and going to the Help menu and selecting the About item. There you will find a link to generate a License Key which you will save as a file on your computer. If you accept the defaults the file will be named MailShifter.key and will be located in the same directory as MailShifter is located.

  • Click on the link to generate the key and save it to a file.


  • Save the License Key file.


3) Go to the www.MailShifter.com/purchase website page and register/login to your account. 

4) Purchase 1 or more licenses.
  • This is done by logging in to your account. This is done from a link on the Purchase page, or if you have just registered you will be taken to the login page immediately.


5) Activate the licenses.
  • When you are logged in to the MailShifter.com website there is a link to enable you to activate a license. To activate a license you simply upload the MailShifter-Key.key file you generated in the previous step to the MailShifter.com website. The file contains only a generated key and contains no other personal information about you or your computer.
  • You will receive a confirmation message that the license has been activated.


6) Perform an update to the MailShifter program to upgrade to the full licensed version.
  • This is done by using MailShifter and going to the Help menu and selecting the "Check Online Updates" item. This will upgrade your copy of MailShifter to a full licensed version.
  • The upgrade may take a minute or two. You will receive a confirmation message that the upgrade was successful and that you need to close and then restart MailShifter to complete the upgrade. No reboot of your computer is required.

At any time in the future you can log in and purchase additional licenses and activate them on other computers you have installed the trial version on.