Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is MailShifter only $29.95?

A: Because if we charged $99 you'd think long and hard about spending that amount of money. But $29.95 is a great price.
We aren't going to get rich selling a few hundred copies at $99 a piece, we are going to make the big bucks by selling hundreds of thousands of copies at $29.95 a piece.
It's just you the customer and us the inventors. No middlemen, no packaging, no shipping and handling, no postage, no borders, no customs brokers.


Q: I have purchased MailShifter, but how do a register the license?

A: Step by step instructions for registering your copy of MailShifter can be found here.

Q: I no longer use the email address I registered my account with, what now?

A: Send an email to and include the email address you originally used. We will confirm the use of that email address for the original purchase and update your ID and send you an email letting you know everything is complete. This should take only one business day to complete.

Q: I have rebuilt my PC or purchased a new PC. Can I reinstall MailShifter?

A: Yes, but you will have to contact us to reactivate the license.

Q: Couldn't someone just keep requesting new license keys and rip you off by running many copies of MailShifter although they only bought one License Key?

A: Not really. If we see someone requesting a new license key within a short period of time of their original purchase, or requesting many "license transfers", we will know something fishy is going on and will refuse to update the license key for that customer.


Q: Do I have to install MailShifter before I buy a license?

A: No, but you will need to install MailShifter in order to activate the license to the full version.


Q: If I have a problem with MailShifter, what do I do?

A: We have four (4) ways to help you:

Known Issues

Q: The button icons seem to be corrupted and the images don't show?

A: This is due to you only having the basic video drivers loaded on Windows. MailShifter uses 32-bit images and these will not display unless you have the correct video drivers for your PC's video card. Update your video cards display drivers. This will also improve your display for many other programs.

Q: My Deleted Items folder occasionally has an item that says "Temporary MailShifter Item - Ready for Delete" and I didn't delete anything and I wasn't even running MailShifter.

A: Those items in the Deleted Items folder can safely be deleted. They are temporary files MailShifter uses to provide some of the features such as the automatic formatting which is used to flag shifted items.

Q: Every time I start MailShifter it asks to update the software, and when I say "yes" it seems to download the update but then when I restart MailShifter it just asks the same update question.

A: This is a known problem.

1) You need to be signed into your PC with an ID that has administrator rights. If you do not have administrator rights then the update will not be able to write to your hard drive to update MailShifter, and you will be stuck in "an update loop". If this is the case; either gain access to the administrator rights to your PC or stop using MailShifter. If you were able to use MailShifter, but cannot update, it is likely the software was originally installed under an Administrator ID, but you are operating under a non-Administrator ID. If you are within a corporation please contact your I.T. Help Support desk.

2) You are running version 1.4 of MailShifter (You can determine the version of MailShifter you are running by selecting the menu item Help|About.
Uninstall MailShifter, then download and install the latest version from the Download webpage;
This will NOT bypass the 30 day trial limit. If you are beyond the 30 day trial limit then MailShifter will function in a reduced capacity. You will be able to run the latest version of MailShifter, but in the reduced capacity. To enable all of the features of MailShifter you will need to purchase a license of the full version.